Laurie’s knowledge and mastery of integrating deep tissue massage techniques, along with her sensitivity to my areas of tension, has been indispensable for my well being, injury prevention, and improving my performance.

Lynn Hill, Professional Rock Climber

Laurie’s massage techniques are very beneficial and therapeutic and have helped me in my recovery from my surgeries. Always a very professional experience and in a nice comfortable setting. She always listens and stays focused on the areas that need to be addressed and applies just the right amount of pressure. My body always feels great afterwards with improved mobility. Whether you are seeking a massage for just relaxation or an injury, Laurie is your person.
Yvonne B. Weber, DPM

Initially, I saw Laurie for several years for general athletic maintenance, but it was after foot surgery that I became even more impressed with her work.  My surgery recovery, which had stalled out during the COVID shutdown, grew in leaps and bounds once Laurie was able to start working on me again.  Every session is a little different; Laurie has a wide variety of skills and techniques so she can tailor each session to what is going on at that time. 

Deb P.

Laurie’s expertise has been crucial for my climbing and training, in terms of both injury prevention and recovery. She is an excellent listener and seems highly in tune with what my body needs. Best of all, I feel like she truly cares about my health, which gives me absolute confidence in her and her work.

Chris Weidner, Writer/Climber

Boulder has plenty of massage folks, but real body workers are rare. Laurie is a true body worker with the insight, intuition, and skills that only come with experience and the results prove it. 

Dave Wolf